Went out and bought Essie’s “bikini so teeny” from their summer 2012 collection. I’ve been dying to get this color and I finally did. This picture doesn’t do the color justice. In the bottle it is a light blue color. On the nails to me it looks more like a periwinkle color. Normally I would add a little design to my nails to add a little pop, but this color pops on it’s own, so I chose not to do a design. I would definitely recommend this color.

Finally, put a design up! Here is the 4th of July nail design I did today.  Original pic and an instagram pic. Enjoy. =)

Want to apologize for my lack of posting pictures of my designs. I always forget to take pictures of them. Going to try and fix this.
I need some more essie nail polish in my life. Dying to get A Crewed Interest and Ole Caliente. I need money.

Here ya go.

PS I did a nail design on my fingers but I had to use old sticky top coat so it didn’t last that long. I’ll probs redo and post pics most likely by next week.

Man, it’s been a minute since I posted something here. Up next pics of the design I did today. It’s on my toes…hope some of you don’t mind.